Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center



Our Mission

Picnic Area

The Picnic Shelter

Hawkeye is also home to a quaint picnic area. This area is perfect for hosting gatherings, meetings, parties, or just enjoying a an afternoon meal in the beautiful scenery that Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center is in the midst of.

Amphitheater [upcoming]

Hawkeye Will soon feature an eye catching amphitheater where events, performances and more can and will be hosted. We hope that this amphitheater will be a place for the community to gather to enjoy a variety of things ranging from musical and theatrical performances to speeches and lectures.

Walking Trail [upcoming]

There will be a walking trail that encompasses the entirety of HICC’s land. This walking trail will be complete with cultural features to inform the community and those traveling the trail about the culture of Native Americans. There will also be historical signs placed along the trail for travelers to read and become about local and cultural history.

Bald Cypress Pond

Hodgin's Pond

Hawkeye farms is home to a 97 Acre Bald Cypress Pond that goes by the name of Hodgin’s Pond. This pond is filled with vegetation like the striking Cypress trees which are scattered throughout it’s waters. It is also home to a variety of fish and other wildlife like beavers, a vast array of birds, and more. This pond is a tranquil, inspiring sight that is sure to satisfy anyone who decides to take advantage of this landscape feature.

Processing Shed

The Processing Shed

The Processing Shed of Hawkeye Farms is where all of the hard work done by our farming staff culminates. This is where the produce is cleaned, stored, and sold to our invaluable customers and clientele. There will also be Hawkeye Farms merchandise available for purchase in the processing shed. We hope to have a wide variety of items for purchase to our customers never forget their visit to Hawkeye Farms!