Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center



Environmental Activities

Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center is in the midst of an attractive natural landscape. In this landscape there is a variety of environmental activities that the community can engage in. One of the greatest features of this natural landscape is the 97 acre Bald Cypress Pond, Hodgin’s Pond. This pond is the home to a wide variety of fish, birds, turtles, plants, trees, and more, and is a great showcase of what this area has to offer as far as local wildlife is concerned.

Fishing: The public is welcome to visit Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center and use the dock to cast out their boats and enjoy fishing on the waters of the pond and catch the variety of species that inhabit Hodgin’s Pond.

Boat Rental: There are canoes, kayaks, and paddle boats that are available for renting at Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center. These watercraft are available to rent by the hour. And special discounts are offered to the students and staff of UNCP with a valid ID!

Touring: There will be tours available throughout the Hawkeye premises. Tours of the gardens, the walking trail, as well as tours on and throughout the pond will be available to the public. These tours will include detailed demonstrates as to how an organic farm operates and inform about how and why organic farming benefits the consumers of its products as well as the environment it is grown in. These tours will be led by our very own knowledgable tour guides.

Donate and Volunteer: There are volunteer positions available on a daily basis at Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center. Volunteers are needed in both the organic gardening and exercise and wellness initiatives. This is an excellent opportunity for students needing volunteer hours, or those seeking to help build and develop the community, while learning about organic farming and Native American culture. Contact us via email or telephone to learn more about volunteering!

Cultural Events and Activities: Hawkeye Indian Cultural center hosts an annual pow wow every November. This pow wow features a display of the Native American culture through singers, dancers, drummers, and the fellowship and celebration of and with the local community and its people.