Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center



Our Mission

Our purpose for existing

The mission of Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center, Inc. an American Indian nonprofit, multi-program, family-orientated health and human service center, is to strengthen families, unite people through cultural enrichment and enhance the self-sufficiency of underserved and distressed communities, particularly among Native Americans in Hoke and surrounding counties.


Our Vision

Our Dream for Tomorrow

Our vision is to become the Southeastern North Carolina region's most valued asset for health, human services, cultural enrichment, housing, recreation, advocacy and other community services as a result of our excellent programs, caring services and ability to address community needs.


Our History

In 1997 Leaders of the Hoke County Native American community organized Hawkeye Indian Cultural Center, Inc. (HICC), as a non-profit charitable corporation to provide services to the local Indian people and manage services at the regional, state and national level.

The governing body consists of five elected directors who are representatives of all Native American communities located in Hoke County. The agency and its leaders provide services and referrals that help improve the lives of needy Indian people in the communities in housing, social services, job development and training, education and cultural enrichment. HICC has successfully administered various programs and services funded by local, state, and federal sources and from revenue generated for its own projects and services. HICC has served for many years as an advocate for the Indian people of Hoke County to ensure representation from discrimination practices in employment, housing, education system, court systems and social services departments.

HICC participates in several major programs that assist disadvantaged Indian youth ages 12-21. These programs are job training and employment opportunities.  We serve as a job site for students who are at risk and have not graduated. They are placed in an on-site job training partnership program as they continue to work on earning their high school diploma.

HICC actively seeks public input and support for their programs, services and activities that it provides. The organization continues to seek new ways to address unmet needs through meetings at the community level and the various advisory committees. The central offices of HICC are located in Hoke County on Highway 211 East in the Antioch Community.  It is physically located at 5710 Red Springs Road, Red Springs, North Carolina, next to a 97-acre pond laced with cypress trees.